Straight from the Israeli Army operational laboratories, where it went through extensive operational trial and evaluation, the Guardium UGV™ revolutionizes the effectiveness and utility of perimeter security and represents a long awaited breakthrough in combat applications such as force protection, combat support, combat logistics support, convoy security and more.

Image Employing state-of-the-art technologies and various combinations of payloads, the Guardium UGV™ could be deployed in either closed perimeter sites, such as airports, energy plants and other strategic assets, or as a border patrol and protection apparatus.

In combat support missions, the Guardium UGV™ command & control subsystem could be seamlessly integrated with User’s available C4I infrastructure, fixed or mobile, to enable the force commander to effectively combine it within its fighting and support formations.

Guardium VideoThe Guardium UGV™ was designed to perform routine missions, such as programmed patrols along a perimeter, but also to react to unscheduled events, in line with a of set of guidelines specifically programmed for the site characteristics and security routines.

The Guardium UGV™ complies with ongoing military and industry standards, for which it was exhaustively trialed over thousands of operational hours.

The Guardium UGV™ system is an inclusive solution, comprising the vehicles, a dedicated command and control application, a customer tailored communication suite, a modular selection of payloads and a comprehensive logistic support package.

Technologically versatile and robust solution, the Guardium UGV™ avionic suite could easily be migrated to different types of vehicles, based on the customer's preferences.

Guardium UGV™ Unmanned Ground System – General Characteristics:

Vehicle Level

Vehicle Level Guardium

  • Autonomous mission execution;
  • Real-time, self-ruling, obstacle’s detection and avoidance;
  • Proven fail-safe system;
  • Superb off-road maneuverability. 



System Level

System Level

  • A variety of customer tailored wireless communication solutions;
  • Easy to operate, dedicated commandf & control application, in complementary operational versions: stationary, mobile and portable;
  • Built-in debriefing and training capabilities;
  • Full compliance with the JAUS standard (Level III). 

Mission Level


Mission Level 

  • Modular selection of payloads for comprehensive situational awareness, in multi-spectral domains. Payloads’ package may include: EO/IR camera, ECM/ESM, Hostile Fire Indicator (HFI), Missile Approach Warning System (MAWS), Laser Warning System (LWS), two-way audio link, chemical snifters, RFID Interrogator, fire extinguishers and more;
  • Versatile mission system and vehicle’s capabilities provide flexibility in adapting the Guardium UGV™ to changing operational requirements and migrating the system amongst diverse homeland security, force protection and combat support applications;
  • 24/7, all weather – all terrain, persistent and flawless operation.


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